Ballistic Art

Rifle display stands in one, two, and three gun configurations are now available.  Please visit this page for information on measuring and special considerations for your firearm.

Single rifle in cherry with Watco Danish Oil finish.

This was my first design and it seems to be the most popular.

Walnut with Watco Danish Oil Finish.


Single double barrel side by side in maple with ebony stain and polyurethane finish.

You can opt for one of my standard configurations/styles or request something special that you have in mind.  I am always willing to work with customers’ special requests.  I usually work in walnut and cherry,  however,  you may choose from red oak, white oak, maple, pine, ash, or hickory as well.    Other wood species also available upon request (exotics available)(prices vary).

Pine with ebony stain for a SxS double barrel shotgun.


Single rifle in walnut with polyurethane finish.


Three gun stand in walnut with ability to be broken down.


Two gun display. White pine with oil and walnut tenon pins.

Wood finishes that I offer include tung oil, Watco Danish oil, shellac, lacquer, and polyurethane.

Special sized stand for an M-1 Garand Display in walnut with oiled finish and nameplate.

I also do some repair and refinishing and some modifications.  Just ask.

  • Thorough cleaning with full breakdown.
  • Some trigger modifications (depending on make & model).
  • Stock and fore grip repair and refinishing.
  • Cold blueing and blueing touch up.
  • I have done a number of, what we in the construction biz would call, “remodels”, where I completely strip the gun down, clean it, debur and polish certain parts, repair and refinish the wood stock and fore grip, and reblue all exposed metal parts.
  • I only do cold blueing, however, if you need hot blueing, I have an excellent resource locally for that as well.
  • Pelikan Cases – Layout and cut “tight” profile for your firearms and accessories.  Any size.
    Pelikan 1750 Long Gun Protector with Remington 1100 and Winchester “73”.

Guns that I have brought back include:

  • 1971 Remington 1100 Magnum – wood refinish in Watco Danish Oil, corrected cycling issue, replaced link, gas piston rings, cleaned and re drilled gas ports to clean out years of buildup and return to factory size.
  • 1948 Remington 721 – wood refinish, added new Houge butt cushion and leather strap,  polished bolt and lever, re blued and drilled and installed new sight mounts and installed new scope.
    1948 Remington 721 finished in shellac.
  • 1928  Winchester Model 12 – total tear down, thorough cleaning, stripped entire blueing, stripped all wood finish, repaired broken stock, refinished all wood and re blued entire gun, replaced stock butt plate.  You can get the full story with pics and descriptions on this page.
  • 1930’s vintage Springfield 12 Ga. SxS with a Davis receiver group – I cleaned and refinished this gun and advised to keep as display.
  • 1953 Winchester 94 – cleaned and refinished wood stock and fore grip with Watco Danish Oil.  Re blued trigger and lever.
    1953 Winchester 94 – Refinished wood in oil, cleaned, and buffed. Barricade applied.
  • Savage/NRA Match Rifle – Model 23A.  Broken stock and missing magazine.  You can read all about it here.

Other projects have included a fabrication of a white pistol grip for an Uberti Cattleman II Single Action Pistol constructed of Corian.

Uberti Cattleman II Single Action Revolver with new white Corian grip polished to a high luster finish, showing the original detached wood grip.


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