My display stands measure 30″ from end to end and the feet measure 9″ wide.  The butt end panel has a graduated “V” shaped cut out which will accommodate most modern rifles and shotguns.  The barrel end panel has a 1″ radius cut out and will accommodate most single barrels.  I always include rubber pads which you can install in the cutouts to cushion your wood stocks and also help to position them correctly.

For some rifles and shotguns, the use of my standard templates is not compatible for the application and a custom configuration will be required.  If your rifle or shotgun falls into this category,  the below graphic will give you guide lines for measuring so that we can make sure that your rifle displays in a proper stance.

The M-1 Garand is a good example of a special circumstance.  It has a rather thick stock and the customer does not want the gas chamber to bear on the barrel end.  So I made up this graphic for him to give me proper dimensions for his application.

Click the image for a larger view and or print.

Special considerations will also need to be given for over and under shotguns, side by side shotguns, left handed orientation, and also the space where your gun will be displayed.