French Provincial Range Hood

I can’t tell you how proud I was of this finished project.  I was apprehensive about taking it on in the beginning, but the builder I did it for said he wouldn’t trust it to anyone else, as I had done so many things for him in the past.

I don’t mind telling you it took a lot of planning, research, and understanding to figure a way to do layout.  So,  I reached out to an engineer friend of mine who offered a formula to figure out how to form the corners in perfect planar union with the front and side facets.  No small task and very time consuming, but it worked perfectly.

Products used on this project were 3/4″ birch ply for ribs and structure, 1/8″ ply for the facet surfaces, covered in Dryvit adhesive coatings and fabric mesh and then the Drivit top coat and paint.  A super light structure used to cover a modern sheet metal range hood for appearances only.

Unfortunately, these image fall into the “film” genre category of my expertise, before I began photo shooting digital and editing and they are not very good, especially the finished product shot.  I’ve tried to get back into this home to reshoot this and it just isn’t going to happen, so, it is what it is, but I consider this a fabulously fine job in quality and engineering.  I know the owner loved it, and I was quite satisfied.