Red Bar

This was more of a color challenge than a construction challenge, but both were kind of hairy.  Add to that, the job was 160 miles away.

First  off, I’m tasked with copying the construction from an Asian culture, in a metric that I’m not used to, and in a material that is really not all that available in this country.  I did my homework and figured out a way to duplicate things, contacted a local distributor, who was kind enough to sell me a quantity of mahogany that would accommodate the project.  I still have a 16″ wide x 13′ long board left over that I have no idea what to do with, but something will come up.

So the job was to duplicate a design so as to increase the length of an already installed bar by six feet.  I figured that a 36″ cabinet, inserted on each end just before the corners, would get the job done.The real problem was matching the colors.  In the end, after a lot of messing about and spending way too much money on things not used, I got it figured and got it done.  You can see the difference in the tops in the photo above, but by the time I came back with another coat of black wash, you can’t tell the difference and everyone was very happy.