Riggs Boat

I had never worked on a boat before, but one of my daughters friends dads lives on one and he wanted a corner couch for an empty space on his boat where he actually lives.

He wants teak, of course.  Never worked with teak.  Learned some things.  Lots of learning here.  Nothing was remotely straight or square.  No worries.

Everything had some sort of curve or bend to it.  I had to fabricate a steaming stations to bend the pieces of teak to glue up for the harm rests and back band, front fascia was also curved, but veneer so, that was easier. The inlay was not my first, but presented a few challenges and in the end, I decided to freehand all the cutouts and inlays for this item rather than making custom jigs.  I think I probably saved some time here. This project was sweet.  It took some time, but it turned out perfect.  Another happy homeowner and many thanks to Lawrence, my upholsterer for an excellent job on the cushions.