Samurai Sword Stand

I did this project as a favor for my brother.  He was involved in martial arts and one of his best buds was retiring so he asked me to do this as a retirement gift.  Naturally, he wanted something that was “different” and not off the shelf.  I scratched around in the shop and came on a few pieces of wood that inspired me because their grain shouted out to me.  All I had to do was cut it out and glue it together.

The wings spoke first, being a walnut crotch with a cascading effect in a fashion that looked like bird wings, I chose a piece with nice contoured grain for the neck and then fashioned the top rest.  I think it came out really nice, but these pictures are trash and all I have.  It’s supposed to be reminiscent of a cormorant.  I think it came out nice and everyone loved it.