Single Action Revolver – New Grips

I got this Uberti .38 “Cowboy Gun” on a whim and it was a good deal.  I never did like the wood grips (I think they were mahogany) but it was clean and new in the box and the price was right.  I was hanging around in the shop one day and decided on the spur of the moment that I wanted an Ivory grip on this gun.  Of course I don’t have any Ivory laying around the shop, but I did have a rather large sink cutout from a white Corian countertop from some years ago.

I began looking at the factory grip and came up with a game plan and decided to move forward.  I fabricated three parts and glued them together with epoxy and began the shaping process.  It was not terribly difficult to do but it was really dusty.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to fit the blank to the gun.  I was also happy that there were no “thru the handle” screws to show.  So the shaping and polishing went forward.  To this day, I think the new handle is fatter/bulkier than the original, but it feels good in my hand, so I’m going with it.

Here’s the result.

I like the single action revolver for a number of reasons, chief of which is the safety aspect and the fact that my wife can operate it without a lot of education or the need for any real strength, unlike the Glocks we keep in the house.  She has a hard time chambering a Glock.

Anyway, I like this single action revolver and it goes side by side with my Winchester Model 1873.  Just some real live cowboy guns and fun to shoot.