McDermott Sunshine Porch Roof

Some people just really want something different while still in keeping with the original style and genre and not perturb the neighbors too much.  This house originally had a flat porch roof, which did nothing to compliment the house.

The owner, knowing it had to be replaced, wanted something different.  I designed and executed the fabrication and installation for the “Sunshine Roof” and it’s always been one of my favorite special projects.

We began with wood selection and chose cedar for it’s ease of work-ability and longevity of life.  I formed a couple of bent wood trusses for the structure and pretty much hand formed all the trim detail with planes, chisels, and scrapers.  All the flat and roofing surfaces were sheethed with exterior grade plywood and the roof was then covered with rubber membrane.  I fabricated a jig to cut into the concrete stucco of the front wall of the house in order to inlet hand fabricated copper flashings.

We also needed to maintain the ceiling plane in the new roof and were able to reuse all of the bead board ceiling that we salvaged from the demolition of the original roof.   We, additionally maintained the original spouting by fabricating integrated box gutters and reconnecting to the original spouting.  The result was an original looking new facade to this house and I really think it looks like it belongs and might have been original to the house.The above image is with everything in primer and ready for the “rays”, which were fabricated from the same red cedar.  They were glued to the front panel  and screwed from the back.  Everything painted with three coats of acrylic enamel (Porter products) and caulked to perfection.  With the help a few able bodies, the installation went flawlessly.  I think this is the biggest thing I have ever hauled to a job from my shop. I think the worst part of the job was having to insert some sister joists over the posts to carry the load, which needed to be fastened in places no one could reach.  Thus, finished floor demolition was required on the second floor in both front bedrooms.  The owner hated it, but when I was finished, he couldn’t tell I had been there and was happy. I really liked doing this project.  It was most rewarding, being a confluence of art and engineering that worked out very well.  I revisited this job last summer, (2019) 17 years since completion, and the lady said it was still in great shape and still had the original paint job.  I love Porter Paints.  Too bad they sold out.